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Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring your website visitors to Banner Maker Pro for Flash and Banner Maker Pro. Banner Maker Pro's affiliate program allows you to earn money when a visitor that comes from your website buys Banner Maker Pro.

Why should I become an affiliate?

Banner Maker Pro is the easiest way to make web graphics, anyone can use it. If you have found Banner Maker Pro easy to use, so will your customers. By recommending and linking to us, your customers will get an easy to use banner maker for their websites, and you'll get a percentage of the sale.  This is a great affiliate program for anyone who hosts any banner advertising on their website.  Just place a link on your website referring the advertisers to us if they need to make a banner. It's also a great affiliate program for any website with forums that host images and/or website tools.

Also, the link for Banner Maker Pro for Flash also points the user to a link where they can save 25% on their purchase.

How does the affiliate plan work?

When a visitor from your site clicks a button, banner, or text link and visits Banner Maker Pro, the link is tracked.  Even if the sale happens a month later, you still get credit.

How much will I get paid?

The affiliate plan pays 15-25% of each sale, depending on the banner. The range is from $4.50 to $11.85 per sale.

How do I advertise Banner Maker Pro on my site?

Once you sign up, you can place banner, button, or text links to Banner Maker Pro and/or Banner Maker Pro for Flash on your website, using a special url. You can also use the url in any opt-in newsletter. Spamming or unsolicited email is strictly prohibited.

How do I sign up?

The affiliate program is free to join and handled through

To sign up, follow these steps:

1.  Click here to go to ClixGalore and sign up. The site explains the affiliate program in more detail. 

2. Choose the type of advertisements to display.

3. will email you the html code to include on your site. Just cut and paste to your website and you are ready to go. Note: On affiliate banners, adds a banner underneath the Banner Maker Pro banner. According to, you are allowed to remove the code that displays this extra banner. We recommend that you remove it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email using our contact page.

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